Bobbles & Beads

Well Hello! So glad you stumbled across my website. I consider myself a not so typical Midwesterner. 


Some may know me because of a little bead shop I used to run called Bobbles & Beads, I did love my shop. I decided to close it a few years back because I wanted to spend more time with my family.


I do spend a great deal of my time hanging out with the grandkids. This usually involved some activity I have cooked up to keep them entertained, if I have a good one I will share it here or on my blog for everyone to see.


When we’re not hanging out with the grandkids, the husband and I enjoy running around town and finding interesting items to get into. Anything from Food Truck Rally's (love them) to a paranormal ghost hunt, there really isn't anything we won't try once. 


I have a ton on interests, my dogs, beading, photography and native gardening that I will talk about here and on my blog. So stop by often and check up on what I am up too!