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Mom was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer, May of 2015. The past year has been difficult. Mom had incredible courage and strenth but unfortunately in the end the cancer spread to rapidly and my Mom passed away surround by her family on June 16, 2016. May she rest in peace. 


Tribute to Mom

We have been on several Ghost Hunts over the last couple years, we have caught the BOO-bug. We have been to Mansfield, the Guyer Opera House in Indiana, Sedamsville Rectory, Poasttown Elementray and the Licking County Jail 2x. So much fun, have a few more on the to do list just as soon as Keith gets the old back fixed.


When was the last time you climbed a tree? Me well that would have been November, 2013 thanks to a little company called Earth Joy Adventures. So much fun, going to do it again this year. 

Here is the cool thing, they had a Tree House Built by the TreeHouse Master and they have this thing called a Tree House retreate, so i get to climb a tree and play in a tree house how cool is that going to be.

Stay tuned for pictures on this adventure.



I got a brand new pair of roller-skates you got a brand new key......Well I bought the grandkids skates for Christmas so what do you think we did. Yep, went skating! I haven't skated in years so it was an adventure, I had so much fun I bought me a new pair of roller skates and went again. A few tumbles but lots of fun, more skating planned in the future.

Home Made Finger Nail Polish

I have a brand new project I have been working on with Chloe. Making our very own finger-nail polish. Oh my this is a fun activity to do with little girls, it is super easy and they can make their own designer color and then name it.   What you need to make your very own nail polish. Clear Nail Polish (wet and wild works great), powder eye shadow pick any shade or two and mix then together carefully to remove all clumps, poor the powder eye shadow into clear nail polish a little or alot mix with a toothpick and then add one b.b. and shake "voila" nail polish.

Tribute to Dad

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